As a missionary, it is easy to forget that your soul matters. Your relationship with the Lord is primary, and ministry is simply an act of worship.  Recently, The Soul Care Project visited our team as part of the Four Fields Initiative partnership with One Mission Society. We asked Shawnea to share some thoughts on the purpose and results of their visit.  

Our goal is to come alongside of the missionaries there and look for ways to help them to better thrive on the field. One question that we often get asked, as we are preparing to go, is; “What does a Soul Care visit look like?”  It is understandable why we would get such a question. After all, most people think of member care from a healthcare perspective; so, “will they be one hour appointments and will you need an office?” When we answer; “we don’t know;” the confusion is understandable. It has been our experience that The Holy Spirit is not confined to office hours; and, we have learned to follow His lead.  Sometimes we have intense twelve hours of knee-to-knee processing. Sometimes, we sit for a couple of hours of superficial conversation, and then, as we are walking to the train station, the real work begins.  For those who are visual or who pull their thoughts together by writing, we send out a survey and email questions. For the auditory thinkers, we sit and talk. For the kinaesthetic thinkers, we walk and talk; and sometimes we even row and talk (hydrotherapy at it’s finest). Hungary’s missionary team is a diverse group of people, and member care must be individualised to meet that diversity. What does a Soul Care visit look like? It is up to Him.

Michael Tallman is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director at The Soul Care Project

Shawnea Tallman is a Christian Life Coach and CEO of The Soul Care Project