One of the things I am so proud of in life is that I had the opportunity to grow up in western Vermont. Vermont is definitely “off the beaten path” and is celebrated for its geographic isolation, outdoor appeal, and quaintness. Burlington, my home town, sits on the shores of Lake Champlain, has no sky scrapers, traffic jams, nor any “big city” appeal. I often tell people there is really no reason go there unless you want to get away from the world.

Growing up, cities like Boston or New York City were great places to visit for a day, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the woods and narrow streets of Burlington. Many people I grew up with didn’t see any need to get outside the state for vacation or to move—they had found what they were looking for in the Green Mountains.

I can honestly say that because I am from Vermont, I never thought I would be flying around the world providing care to missionaries. But now, that’s my job. Recently I was able to visit Budapest, Hungary to care for the field missionaries, and facilitate a time of spiritual retreat and team building.

I enjoyed traveling and being in a new part of the world, but my greatest joy is always being with my fellow missionaries! I simply enjoy coming alongside these coworkers to hear their stories, celebrate what they are doing, and care for them in any challenges they may be facing. God has granted me the ability to love people, and I so enjoy spending time with people to support the good work they are doing.

OMS Hungary is no exception. They are wonderful people, doing wonderful work, all for God’s glory! OMS Hungary has a vision to come alongside local churches to train and equip Hungarians to reach their country for Christ. To this end, the Hungary field is currently renovating a ministry center that will be used to train, equip, and pour into pastors and laypeople.

I never thought I would be doing what I am for the Lord, especially being a small town boy at heart. The Lord continues to stretch my faith by asking, do you trust me?  Do you trust me when I send you around the world? Do you trust my heart—that I want good things for you? Can you step into situations where you can’t see clearly? Do you trust me?

My time in Hungary was another confirmation that I can trust the Lord both with myself and with the outcomes of any ministry that I may be part of. I can trust that he will take care of everything that I need and that he will use what I have to offer to be a blessing to people. With each new trip, I can practice total dependence upon the Lord and rest in his good intentions for my life. The Lord can use me in any way he chooses. I continue to trust in him.

– By Steve Christner, OMS Director of Missionary and Family Life