13062351_10156773168490623_4507792802677115380_nI recently visited the Hungary field. I woke up at 4 a.m. for my flight and was picked up in Budapest by the field director, Jonathan Long. We drove straight from the airport to a meeting where the team was planning the annual summer English camp. I sat in for about two hours as the team discussed the camp theme, what English-speaking volunteers were coming, the rules and expectations, and the day-by-day schedule.

After my trip, I mentioned to a friend that I hadn’t seen any “ministry” during my short visit to Hungary. She replied, “Planning is ministry, too.”

Those words hit me – she was so right. You usually hear about the exciting side of ministry – when people make decisions for Christ or life transformation happens But planning is ministry, too.

Without that English camp meeting, and others like it, dozens of youth and young adults wouldn’t hear about Jesus this summer. They wouldn’t make decisions to become followers of Christ. They wouldn’t be mentored and discipled.

I’ve found that God frequently works that way in our own lives. He uses the small, day-to-day life events to prepare us for those times when He shows up in a big way.

IMG_6935Luke 16:10 says, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.” That verse means that even the routine, mundane things we do are significant. God cares whether we show integrity and excellence in the small things – like a meeting to plan English camp.

I’m so thankful for the day-to-day faithfulness of the Hungary team and others like them around the world. They are putting in the daily work, planning, and prayer so that life-changing moments can happen.

Andrea Fisher, Moblizer: One Mission Society