One of the questions I am asked the most as a missionary living overseas is, “How can I help?” While supporting missionaries financially and in prayer are very important, another impactful way people help is by volunteering or serving on teams to help make our ministries in Hungary happen.

Sometimes I feel like there can be a misconception that a missionary is better than other Christians. That is far from the truth. We have the same struggles as everyone else and are definitely not superheroes. We cannot do everything on our own.

Here on the OMS Hungary field, we are fortunate enough to have passionate individuals who do whatever they need to get ministries running as smooth as possible. Personally, I would love to say that I don’t need any help and can do everything on my own, but that is not the case at all. Many of the larger ministries that we do here actually require lots of volunteers, both Hungarian and non-Hungarian, to be effective.

Our Summer English Camps are a great example of this. Our team spends months planning a camp, but if it was just our small group that was at the camp, we would only be able to have about five campers. Instead, we were able to have around 80 campers this year! You, our amazing volunteers, are the only way this was possible, and no words can express how thankful we are for you. You took a week (or two) out of your busy schedules to travel to a different country and build relationships with children you don’t even speak the same language as. You are rock stars.

English camps are not the only way that people have invested time into our team and ministries, though. Over the past couple of years, the chapel in Szentmargitfalva has been built and we have been finishing our ministry center. These are work projects that have a huge impact on what we are able to do. The chapel now serves that community and has hosted worship services, weddings, and baptisms. Over the course of the build, it also allowed us to form a relationship with the community. The ministry center can now host teams, trainings, and events, and also serves as an office for us. We are able to more effectively do the jobs God has called us to do because of what you built.

Something a young boy said to me while I was an intern on the field a few years ago has stuck with me. I helped at an after school program twice a week for my short time in Hungary. On my last day, they had a little celebration for me and this boy said that a lot of people come through and are only there for a day or a week or two, but that he was thankful because I was there every week. I thought that I didn’t have any sort of impact during my time there because I didn’t really do anything. In reality though, I did everything. I was present and invested my time. That meant something to him.

So, thank you. Thank you for investing your time into Hungarians, into our team, into our ministries. You have impacted more lives than you can ever know and we are very grateful for you!

– By Madison Atkinson, OMS Hungary Team Member