Meet the team

In Budapest, we have 10 team members, but around the world we have hundreds. We use each member’s personality and skill set to reach more people for Christ!

Jonathan has a passion for seeing lives transformed by Jesus. He utilizes his experience as a missionary kid and his business education to provide vision and strategy for the One Mission Hungary team. Jonathan is a proud father and husband, drummer/guitar player, and car aficionado. Outside of his family, his pride and joy is his 1980 Lada 2101 (it’s a car).
John grew up in Canada. After attending Bible college and serving as a pastor, he later went to Asbury Seminary in Kentucky, where he and Tricia met and were married. He felt a call to Hungary while serving as a staff pastor in Michigan.  Since moving to Hungary in 2002, John has taught, pastored and mentored Hungarian church leaders.
Madison loves helping people and meeting them where their needs are. With her skills in community development, she is excited to work with churches and organizations in Budapest to reach those in need. When she needs some  recharge time, you can normally find her watching a Rom-Com or the cheesiest movie she can find.
Corinne enjoys her role in finance but loves serving others the most through hospitality. When she’s not crunching numbers or managing her three kids, you’re likely to find her in the kitchen baking some sweet treats to share.
Tricia grew up in Rochester, New York, and earned a degree in contemporary ministries before she went to Asbury Seminary for her M.Div. That’s where she met and married John and later graduated together with him.  Since 2002, she’s helped on the Hungary team in the areas of hospitality, teaching, and English ministries.  She also homeschools her children and has a passion for helping them build relationships with Hungarian kids.
Growing up in the church, Daniel has seen how sometimes people really need to experience the church outside of the church. God used that realization to show him how a business can be that new way of reaching lives. That is when he felt nudged toward business as missions. Daniel loves hearing and sharing stories, and is always quick with a pun or movie reference. Every Saturday you can find him watching his beloved Arsenal (soccer team) or reading a book.
Will and Julia

Will began his service with One Mission Society in Hungary in 1993. He and Julia were married in June 2017. Will has taught English at Szent László Gimnázium in Budapest since his arrival in Budapest and he continues to do this and teach church history at the Budapest campus of European Nazarene College. Julia is focusing on language study and building relationships for now.

Clarissa is all about good communication and detailed organization. She uses these passions to write, edit, plan events, and build relationships with kids and adults inside and outside the team. She’s pretty honest, so she will lovingly tell you when your apostrophe is in the wrong place.
Sometimes referred to as Hong Kong Long, Anna is an OMS missionary kid thrilled to be called into missions as an adult. She will be working as a speech therapist at the International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) and has a passion for empowering children with special needs to communicate. Both in and out of school Anna can be heard reminding everyone to “Use your words.”



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