The camp season is coming! Next week, the season kicks off with the first of several teams and volunteers arriving in Hungary. It is both an exciting and exhausting time for us all. Would you join us in praying over the following events?

| June 16-21: English day camp in small town Hungary |

The principal of the local elementary public school in the small town of Letenye Hungary thanked us profusely when we met with her a few weeks ago. “These things happen maybe in the capital city, but we don’t get these opportunities here…thank you for coming.” On June 15, a staff of young people and adult volunteers arrive to make this opportunity a reality. As this is a first for us, we were hoping for 15-20 kids, but we and our Methodist partners were excited when 35 kids from the school signed up for the week. From 8:30am to 12:00pm, the youth group will lead the camp, complete with English lessons, Bible stories, crafts, and games. After that, the team will work on finishing a small parking lot at the Methodist chapel in Szentmargitfalva that MFM teams built over the last 18 months.

2018 Camp Staff

| July 4-14: English Camp One orientation and camp |

This summer, growth has dictated that we will be doing two English camps in Vác, Hungary. The first one begins with staff orientation on July 4 and the students arriving on July 7. With over 42 students and over 20 staff members, the camp is quite full. It will be a fun week with many returning students and some new ones as well.

| July 18-28: English Camp Two orientation and camp |

Summer English Camp number two begins with staff orientation on July 18 and students arriving on July 21. This camp still has space for a few more students, with 34 students registered. We are hoping to reach a full camp of at least 40 students. We will also need the Lord to provide the extra energy needed to put on a great program for the second time around!

| August 12-16: English Camp with the Roma kids |

In August, we will be working once again with one of our church partners, Te + Én (You + Me), to put on a camp on Lake Balaton. We helped Te + Én to launch this camp five years ago, and it has been very rewarding to continue our partnership with them. During this camp, we will handle the crafts and the English lessons.

If you want to pray or help more specifically…

  1. We don’t yet have enough translators for the English camp in Letenye and for English Camp number two in Vác. Pray that God would help us find some people who are interested and equipped to help us!
  2. Pray for energy for us all as camps draw near and we finish preparations! Camp is a lot of fun, but with four total camps this summer, our team will be stretched to keep our energy levels where then need to be.
  3. Unexpected cost increases have put a strain on our budget for English camp and the added expense means we need to raise an additional $3,000. (If you want to help us make up the difference, you can give on the “Express Give” page here, using account #301400.) This has historically been one of our most impactful ministries reaching young people in Hungary. We are continuing forward in faith. Is the Lord asking you to be a part of covering the short-fall?

Thanks as always for your prayers and support. We definitely feel them during the busy summer months!