In today’s world, it is very difficult to manage one’s personal life and work life.  It is even more challenging to manage one’s work life balance when your job is your full-time ministry. For missionaries and others whose passion in life is to build relationships and make disciples, it is easy to get consumed in work, overwhelmed, and ultimately burned out.

My family recently had the opportunity to join the OMS Hungary team for their annual team meeting and retreat. The field director, Jonathan Long, wanted us to have a chance to bond with our future colleagues since we will be joining the team in August 2019.  We were excited to meet everyone, have a chance to learn more about their ministry, and to take a break from our own fundraising.

The meetings began in Budapest. We had each completed a Myers Briggs personality assessment in advance of the meeting. We spent a couple of days reviewing our results and learning about one another and our team dynamics through some professional coaching. The meetings were both productive and informative. It really was encouraging to see the diversity of skills and strengths demonstrated by the team. It also gave our family the unique experience of learning more about our colleagues prior to working with them. After our meetings, it was time to take a retreat together in Prague, Czech Republic.

The trip to Prague took longer than expected, and by the time we arrived, everyone was exhausted. After some pizza and bowling in the hotel, it was time to get some rest. The next morning, our team was rejuvenated and excited to get out and explore the city. On the first day, I noticed that people seemed more relaxed. Over the next couple of days, we got to experience the city, eat good food, and enjoy each other’s company. It was refreshing for everyone to get away from their daily routine and their work at home. For me, it was important to spend time with different members of the team and get know people on a more personal level. Attending the retreat also gave me insight as to how I fit into the team and the work that God is doing in Hungary.

I am pleased that the OMS Hungary team sees value in taking time away from ministry to rest and reflect.  I feel blessed to have been included. We should always make time to fellowship with other Christians and to seek God’s will for our lives.  Typically, that requires getting away from the things that distract us, so that we can give God our full attention. I hope and pray that the retreat to Prague was as refreshing and valuable for each member of the team as it was for me.

In Christ’s Service

– By Aaron DePue, Future OMS Hungary Team Member