After graduating from university in 2015, I lacked clear direction on where my life was going. I ended up doing a six-month Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). This was only a temporary thing, and when I arrived back home the following spring, I was still unsure where my life was headed.

This led to many months of discouraging job searching and I started thinking that I was never going to find a position. However, through my talks with God, I kept getting this feeling I was meant to go back overseas. I finally gave in to this feeling and started researching missions organizations. This is when I found One Mission Society and the field in Hungary.

Going into my 11-week internship, I hoped to see a functioning team and ministries that were truly impacting communities—something my last missions experiences didn’t always have. I was also hoping God would use this time to show me more of the plan He has for me.

Throughout my time in Hungary, I worked with children at an after-school program where I often felt awkward, but ended up feeling like I was a part of their community. I saw a micro farm model that will help young people learn valuable life skills. I had weekly English Conversations with a couple of teenage girls where we discussed everything from what we did on the weekend to what was happening in pop culture. I was also able to be a part of a team that was encouraging to each other and worked together in order to positively impact those around them.

This experience showed me a model of missions that was different than what I had seen. It is about looking at the needs in a community, discipling Christians, connecting them and churches to resources, and being innovative and adaptable.

Reflecting on my time in Hungary and the journey that led me there, I can see more of the gifts God has given me and how He wants me to use them. I love that He can take me as an awkward, introverted, detail-oriented, sociological-driven individual and use me to help build His kingdom.

– By Madison Atkinson, OMS Hungary Intern