I hate English. I couldn’t stand it in high school and, truth be told, I have virtually no interest in diagramming a sentence, understanding what tense does what, or even learning whatever the heck an adverb is. I do speak English, and I actually enjoy literature, but you don’t have to know how to butcher a cow to know that you love a good steak, if you catch my drift. I’m not an English fan.

You know what I do love though? Transformation. I love seeing lives changed for the better. I’m all about life-change. If I thought that clown ministry was going to see lives changed in Hungary, I’d be the first one in a red nose and over-sized shoes. While personally I don’t care for English education, I do recognize the attraction and opportunity that it creates to see lives impacted.

There’s a lot to love about our Summer English Camp programs.

I love when students who believe they are ugly find out that God sees them as beautiful. I love when they start treasuring praise songs that remind them they are valuable. I love the moments when students in conversation groups share something and you realize how much trust they place in you to have shared it. I love when the ‘cool kids’ who were too cool to participate in programs are jumping around and singing the praise songs by Thursday.

I love smiles. Laughs. Happy tears.

I know you can’t hear them physically, but I love the idea of hearing lies shatter. The lies that bind us, blind us, and keep us trapped, being broken and falling to the proverbial floor. The lies about who the students are, who God is, and what the Kingdom is being stripped away by truth.

I love when staff members come to me and tell me how the experience of being part of SEC has changed their lives, rekindled their passion for the Lord, and changed their perspective as well. Every year, members of our Hungarian translators and our native English-speaking staff come and tell me how the experience of the camp has instigated transformation in their lives. Many foreign staff express a desire to return for our next year’s programs, and most of our translators ask the same thing. As a matter of fact, every Hungarian translator this year said they’d like to come back next year. I love that they love SEC too.

This is why I love being in ministry and it’s why I love SEC. It’s amazing how God can work through something as simple as an English camp. During orientation, we recognize that He must show up for camp to be transformational, and we begin to pray and ask Him to use the program. I love that every year He shows up, not always in the ways we expect, but always in ways we know are Him.

I don’t like English grammar, but I love our SEC English Camp. I love that students hear the Gospel clearly in Hungarian and have an opportunity to respond to it. I love that 14 students this year asked for follow-up about faith in Jesus. I love that many students are a step closer to real freedom, joy, and transformation. I guess there’s a lot to Love about SEC.