Will was born in Boston and grew up in Massachusetts. He has lived in Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, Upstate New York, and Nashville, Tennessee. He visited Hungary for the first time in the spring of 1992, returning in August of 1993 as a missionary with OMS.

When Will first visited, he spent a week here. He accompanied his father, who was here on a business trip, and he visited an old friend of his who is a Hungarian pastor. At the end of the week, they took a train to Bratislava for the next stop on his father’s teaching itinerary. As they were crossing the border between Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the Lord spoke to him and told him that He wanted him to return. So he did.

Since he first arrived here, Will has worn a lot of hats, but his primary responsibility has always been teaching English on a full-time basis at a public secondary school in Budapest. He continues to do that now.

Will answers six questions about himself in this short video: