John Fraser was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. He went to Bible college in Saskatchewan, and then to Asbury Seminary in Kentucky where he met and married his wife, Tricia. After they both finished seminary, they moved to Michigan where he served as an assistant pastor.

In 1998, during a period of prayer and fasting, he clearly heard the words, “Budapest, Hungary,” in his head in the middle of the night. He said that he had never had such an experience before or since, and at the time it happened, he could not have said for sure if Budapest was even in Hungary. He and his wife came here to visit in 1999, and they both felt the Lord leading them to return here to serve as missionaries. Later, they met some OMS missionaries at Asbury Seminary who had lived in Hungary for a while. Soon afterwards, they joined OMS. They came to live here in 2002 when their daughter, Hannah, was one year-old.

John’s primary ministry role in Hungary is in theological education. He serves on the faculty at the Wesleyan Alliance Theological School. In addition, he is involved in teaching and training in apologetics with our partner churches, as well as various outreach ministries. This includes serving at summer English camps, along with the rest of the team.

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