Corinne was born in Ohio, but lived in the Indianapolis, Indiana area from second grade on. She first visited Hungary in 2006 with Jonathan and his parents as a tourist. She returned in 2008 on a work team, and moved here in 2009.

Jonathan was the first to feel called to Hungary, but Corinne wasn’t sure that was God’s plan for them as a couple. After a missions service at their church in Indianapolis, she felt God confirming his call to her personally to serve in missions overseas. She was, and still is, open to wherever God leads them, but it was truly Jonathan who first felt a passion for Hungary. Nonetheless, Corinne’s love of this country has grown over the years and she is sure this is where they are supposed to be.

Corinne wears many hats on the team. One of her roles is mom to her and Jonathan’s three kids, which means that this year she has been homeschooling their middle child three to four days a week while the other two attend a local mission school. Her official title is regional finance director. In that role she manages financial reimbursement for OMS missionaries in Europe, Russia, and Israel. She also serves the team in the area of hospitality, doing a lot of the logistical planning and hosting for visitors to the field.

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