There is something both exciting and daunting about uprooting your life and moving halfway across the world. As a grown missionary kid, I leaned heavily toward the excited end of that spectrum as I anticipated my transition to living in Hungary. However, I still had many questions and expectations regarding what this transition might look like.

Could I survive living so far away from my family and loved ones? Would I feel lost without the awesome community I left behind? Where would I find new community? Would my personality change? Would my faith grow exponentially?

Anna studying Hungarian.

Now that I’ve been in Hungary for over a month, a lot of those unknowns have been answered—and most often they’ve been answered in the form of overwhelming blessings. Modern technology makes it so easy to keep in touch with friends and family through texting, emails, and FaceTime. God has provided community in many contexts; through an inter-faith discussion group, through my Hungarian language classmates, and through a great local church that caters well to English-speakers. In this past month, I have had many opportunities to explore my new city with classmates and new friends. During long walks and delicious meals, I’ve learned more about my new friends’ values and beliefs, sharing my own with them as well. I have learned to worship God in a new language at my Hungarian church, and continue to worship Him in a more familiar language with the OMS team.

I often find myself walking around Budapest with a heart overflowing with gratitude to God for the blessing of a smooth transition and the opportunity to call this incredible city my home.

But, can I be honest with you?

It usually stops there. I have been given the opportunity to spend the summer transitioning and learning Hungarian, but in spite of such a light schedule, I still find myself neglecting to spend time in the Word. Sometimes I just squeeze it in right before bed, or before running out the door in the mornings. My faith walk takes the same amount of intentionality it did back in the States, and I often neglect to give God the priority He deserves.

Prior to arriving in Budapest, it was easy for me to tell myself that any lack in my daily walk with God was purely situational. I didn’t spend more time sitting and reflecting with God because my life was so full of work, friends, and other obligations. I thought if only I had less work on my plate, I would spend more time with God. Or, once I wasn’t so busy raising support or packing, I would have more time to slow down and study His Word. This past month, I was confronted with the reality that these issues were never situational, but instead are matters of a heart not solely focused on God. So, again, my prayer becomes “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me” (Psalms 51:10).

My faith, unfortunately, didn’t grow exponentially on the plane ride here, but God’s grace continues to abound in my weaknesses and He is patiently working to grow me in greater Christlikeness. He is working in cool ways through OMS Hungary and I am so humbled to be a part of the team and the work He is doing here.

Would you pray Matthew 6:33 over our team this week? That in the midst of many good opportunities to serve, we would seek God and His righteousness first and foremost, allowing Him to add the rest?

– By Anna Long, New OMS Hungary Team Member