Moses struck a rock in the desert, and it produced lifesaving water. David put a rock in his sling and brought down a giant. Jesus declared to Peter that he would build his church upon the rock. God can do amazing things with rocks. A rock is steady, strong, a sure foundation.

We know that even now, our rocks surrendered to the hands of God can yield powerful results. In Hungary, our rocks form a 150-year-old building in Budapest’s 14th district. A virtual pile, stacked on top of each other, making up a refuge, a home, a place of training and equipping. A place of transformation.LEP_2388

As we engage in our vision to see Hungary transformed by Christ, our building will be a rock used to build the kingdom of God in Hungary. In their current state, our rocks need work. In addition to making up our walls, we need wiring, plaster, windows, flooring, internal walls, appliances, etc.

We invite you to join us over the next month for a journey of transformation. Many different people will share about how God is building his kingdom through the One Mission Society team and how the Transformational Ministry Center will play an important role in accomplishing his vision. Join us!