I am in the country of my ancestors, Hungary with my husband John and our adult children Sarah (22) and Drew (20). We’ve signed up to be short-term missionaries with One Mission Society for the Summer English Camp. We’ve served as a family before, but it was in the United States and there wasn’t a language barrier. I feel out of my comfort zone, yet connected at the same time.

There is a festival on the square here in Vác and the gentle sounds of a czárdás float through my window. Sweet memories of my parents and grandparents teaching me Hungarian folk dances passed down to them by my great grandparents who originated in this beautiful country.

Our short-term missionary team includes members from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana. We are supported and lead by hardworking OMS Hungary staff and Hungarian translators.

Tomorrow, middle school and high school students will come to learn or improve their English. My native language is an important skill for these Hungarian kids to travel and seek employment, but this camp is so much more. Our goal is to show the love of Christ to the students. Some may have not heard about our Savior, but through grammar lessons, listening exercises, conversation groups and worship they will learn about Him.

keyEvangelism is a delicate balance of listening to someone’s life experience, communicating your testimony and figuring out how to answer their questions about life and faith. Jonathan described it to us as figuring out the shape of their keyhole and putting the right key in to unlock their heart.   If we try to jam whatever key we think should work, our evangelism is in vain and may actually close their heart to Him forever.

I may or may not be the one to open a child’s heart this week, but God has a role for all of us to play in their walk with Him. If we listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit and are completely available to these students, we will make a difference in their lives.

Isn’t it amazing how God can use individuals and families from all over the world to come together for his glory and spread the good news? We appreciate all of your prayers for our team, but we also know that our great God has a plan here and there is great comfort in that.

Has God put you in a place that is familiar, yet uncomfortable? Trust His plan to guide you through it and glorify Him in the process.


-Sharon Martin