One Mission Society Hungary is all about transforming lives. They want to be agents of the Lord, creating positive change in people’s hearts and minds.

They definitely did that for me.

During my three months interning in Hungary, God used the OMS team and other people I met to significantly impact my life.

He showed me a lot of things about myself during this time. He showed me insecurities I was holding onto. He showed me faulty patterns in my way of living. He showed me that I have so much more to learn about him and what it means to follow him.

Yet, each step of the way, God placed people close to me to affirm what I was doing and who I was becoming. They welcomed me, making me feel at home in a foreign country. They processed with me, helping me work through my insecurities and uncertainties. They called out my talents and recognized my gifts, showing me that the things God has given me are valuable and needed.

Because of them, Hungary was a time of renewal after several months of pain and bitterness. It was a time of freedom after several years of stress. It was a time of learning more about God and about my value in his kingdom after a lifetime of feeling like I was not quite enough.
psalm27Being with these people reminded me how much I want to orient my life solely around Christ. I want to be like David in Psalm 27:8 when he writes, “My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, Lord, I will seek.” Being in Hungary reminded me that ultimately, no matter what I feel at the end of the day, as long as I am seeking the Lord, first and foremost, I am going in the right direction.

The person I am now—figuring out the next steps of my life and contemplating full-time ministry—is not the person I was when I boarded a flight to Budapest three months ago.


If God used OMS Hungary to catalyze such transformation in me, how much more so can he use them in the lives of Hungarians?

-Clarissa Hunter